Calls for Papers

Below, we feature different calls for papers regarding Theme Bundles or Controversy Exchanges to be published in Personality Science (PS). This page will be continually updated.

Theme Bundle: Intranational Variation in Personality

A dynamic and fast-growing literature is accumulating evidence for intranational (i.e., within-country) geographic variation in diverse aspects of personality. Previous studies have demonstrated meaningful intranational variations in personality for various countries that were related to a host of important macro- and micro-level outcomes. This Theme Bundle seeks to bring together a broad array of researchers, samples, and methodologies to expand the growing field of intranational personality differences. Empirical, conceptual/theoretical, and methodological papers are welcome that address focal research questions on intranational personality differences, including but not limited to (1) previously hidden intranational personality differences, (2) antecedents and consequences of intranational personality differences, and (3) methodological advances.

Guest Editors
● Friedrich M. Götz (University of Cambridge; fmg33[at]
● Tobias Ebert (University of Mannheim & University of Marburg; tobias.ebert[at]

● Until February 28, 2021: Submission of proposals to Götz and Ebert
● By March 15, 2021: Notification of whether full articles are invited
● By August 15, 2021: Full article submissions due
● By December 2021: Final decisions
● Early 2022: Publication of the Theme Bundle

Further Information
See the full call here.

Date Posted:
January 25, 2021