Working in Argan Cooperatives Is Associated With the Time Perspectives of Amazigh Women in the Moroccan Region of Souss-Massa


  • Alexander Unger Orcid
  • Soumia Omari
  • Julie Papastamatelou Orcid


Only a few studies have examined time perspectives (TPs) in the domain of the workplace. The current study investigated how TP’s differ between working and non-working Amazigh women in Argan cooperatives in Morocco. We hypothesized that the occupational status of working women will be associated with their TPs in a favorable way. The self-report questionnaire was administered orally (N = 100) with a Tachelhit language version of the Zimbardo Time Perspective Inventory (ZTPI). We observed higher Future, higher Past-Positive, lower Fatalistic-Present and lower Deviation from a Balanced Time Perspective (DBTP) in working women. We were able to rule out the alternative association, that a specific TP-profile increases the probability of getting access into cooperatives or that age could be another alternative association that explain the results. The different TP-profiles reflect a more favorable personality and an improved socio-psychological situation of those women working in the cooperatives compared to non-working women.