The Methodology and Dataset of the CoScience EEG-Personality Project – A Large-Scale, Multi-Laboratory Project Grounded in Cooperative Forking Paths Analysis


  • Katharina Paul Orcid
  • Cassie Ann Short Orcid
  • André Beauducel Orcid
  • Hannes Per Carsten Orcid
  • Kai Härpfer Orcid
  • Jürgen Hennig Orcid
  • Johannes Hewig Orcid
  • Andrea Hildebrandt Orcid
  • Corinna Kührt Orcid
  • Erik Malte Mueller Orcid
  • Aisha Munk Orcid
  • Roman Osinsky Orcid
  • Elisa Porth Orcid
  • Anja Riesel Orcid
  • Johannes Rodrigues Orcid
  • Christoph Scheffel Orcid
  • Jutta Stahl Orcid
  • Alexander Strobel Orcid
  • Jan Wacker Orcid


Despite a plethora of research, associations between individual differences in personality and electroencephalogram (EEG) parameters remain poorly understood due to concerns of low replicability and insufficiently powered data analyses due to relatively small effect sizes. The present article describes how a multi-laboratory team of EEG-personality researchers aims to alleviate this unsatisfactory status quo. In particular, the present article outlines the design and methodology of the project, provides a detailed overview of the resulting large-scale dataset that is available for use by future collaborators, and forms the basis for consistency and depth to the methodology of all resulting empirical articles. Through this article, we aim to inform researchers in the field of Personality Neuroscience of the freely available dataset. Furthermore, we assume that researchers will generally benefit from this detailed example of the implementation of cooperative forking paths analysis.