The Longitudinal and Multimodal Age Groups Study of Personality Architecture and Dynamics (SPeADy)


  • Yannik Wiechers Orcid
  • Alexandra Zapko-Willmes Orcid
  • Julia Richter Orcid
  • Christian Kandler Orcid


The “Study of Personality Architecture and Dynamics” (SPeADy) aims at testing theory-based differences between core dispositions and surface characteristics of personality and examining their associations across time and in the context of major life experiences. For this purpose, SPeADy encompasses several constructs, such as Big Five domains and facets, motives, values, religiosity, self-concepts, and life events. SPeADy contains an age groups and an extended twin family study, with the former being this paper’s focus. The longitudinal and multi-rater design of the age groups study allows the empirical examinations of core dispositions of personality on the basis of six criteria. Cutting-edge findings are described. First (2016–2018) and second wave (2018–2020) data are available as a scientific use file. Self-reports were provided by 3,026 participants (60% female; age: 14–89 years). The third data-collection wave ends in 2022. This paper provides an overview of SPeADy’s scientific issues and use for the research community.